As part of the activities of CFS we are organising Training Programmes in Mathematics, in short TPM during summer in NISER. The main objective of TPM is to promote independent learning among students. It aims to provide solid foundation towards mastering the art of doing mathematics on their own by a group of mathematicians drawn from the leading institutes of India, who have a penchant and commitment for teaching mathematics. Besides, this programme identifies young and talented students and motivates them to pursue Mathematics for their career.

Academic Programmes

The programme will be at three levels: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. The subject matter at all levels will be courses that normally form basic and core of the curriculum of the respective degrees offered in Indian Universities. This may for instance include Linear algebra, algebra, Analysis and Geometry and so on. This apart, there will be seminars by the students. It is also planned to have special lectures by eminent senior mathematicians.