Center For Fundamental Studies:

The “Centre for Fundamental Studies” (CFS) is b eing established in National Institute of Science Education and Research(N ISER), Bhubaneswar,
under the aegis of D.A. E.

NISER is a residential institute situated in a sprawling area of 300 acres in Jatani, which is ab out 20 kms south of Bhubaneswar, equipped with the state-of-art lab oratories, computational facilities, computer center, library and hostel facilities.

CFS is envisaged to provide a leadership in up dating, propagating, and imparting the knowledge in Mathematics and allied subjects that includes outreach programs and other activities of the similar sort. It will function with all the infrastructural facilities, where National and International events could b e held round the year with twin objectives, viz.,

  • To function as a nodal center in the eastern part of India to provide the best training to aspiring mathematics students in the mainstream mathematics and the allied subjects like physics.
  • To promote strong interaction between mathematics and physics by having vigorous visitor’s program, organising workshops, conferences at the
    frontiers of overlapping areas